Mini Beast Hunt

As you can see the children had a wonderful week searching for and learning about mini beasts, they spent hours looking for them, discussing them and finding them in a text book. Inside we had activities that enabled children to find plastic bugs in cornflakes and match them to printed pictures. We have been looking at our 100 tadpoles and discussing how to care for them and of course our 5 stick insects.

The pictures of the Butterflies mark making are for our transition wall, to encourage the older children our butterflies to consider the fact that they are preparing for big school in September. Teachers will be visiting from 3 local schools over the next few weeks to meet the children who will be going to their school. Today Mrs Dry is visiting from Crossgates where 9 of our butterflies are going, she will meet the children, chat with them and look through their Learning Journeys with them.

It is important to talk to the children about going to big school in a positive way because this is a huge transition for the children at a very young age and they will display different responses to this change, at times they will appear excited and some children will appear anxious or worried because it is the unknown to them especially children who don’t have older siblings already in primary school. Our transition wall also has pictures the children have decorated of themselves in the school uniform colours of the school they will attend and picture taken of them outside their new schools. We will add pictures of the children looking through their Learning Journeys to the wall to help the children to accept this change in their lives.

Some children’s behaviour may change and they might ‘play up’ or ‘act out’ more than usual as we get nearer the end of term but if we keep talking about big school in a positive manner it will help them to view it as something good that is going to happen.