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New Email Address

Hi everyone, we apologise but yesterday our email address was hacked and had to be shut down and any emails sent today we will not have received. We do have a new email address which is (Please note the hyphen between pre and school). We have sent you all an email from this new address, please check and if you have not received this, email us on the address above.
Thank you

Nativity and Christmas Fundraising

We hope you enjoyed the nativity performances yesterday. All the children did so well and we were super proud! As always we value your views as parent/carers and would like to hear your thoughts and comments on how you think it went.
Thank you for all your continued support. We have raised an amazing £1600 over this Christmas period for the pre-school.
We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!

Christmas Fundraising Breakdown:
Photo’s £846.00
Nativity Photo’s £83.00
Nativity Tickets £200.00
DVD’s £240.00

Raffle £211.00

This Years Nativity Performance

All children have a part to play in our nativity, all costumes and props will be provided by pre-school. We have already begun practising the performance.

Below is the schedule for the Nativity:

Friday 6th December – Dress Rehearsal
Monday 9th December – Recording for the DVD
Wednesday 11th December – Performance Day
Morning Performance: 11:00 am
Afternoon Performance: 2:00 pm

Tickets are £2 each (Max 2 tickets per child per performance), additional tickets may be available. Please put your name on the reserve list for extra tickets.

Cycle Words- Sep

We have introduced new cycle words for the different learning areas in the setting. We are working towards being Communication Friendly and a large part of this is Speech and Communication development.

Our cycle words are split into three different levels, this is to provide a rich variety of vocabulary at age appropriate stages. We will use these terms when playing with your child and work towards moving them through the levels and encourage them to use the words during play. Please use these words wherever you can and apply them to everyday situations, this really will benefit your child’s Speech and Communication.

We will be using focus words each week, when new activities are planned to encourage further development of vocabulary. Please keep checking this as these will be topic related and help you to understand what your child is learning about through play.