Mini Beast Hunt

As you can see the children had a wonderful week searching for and learning about mini beasts, they spent hours looking for them, discussing them and finding them in a text book. Inside we had activities that enabled children to find plastic bugs in cornflakes and match them to printed pictures. We have been looking at our 100 tadpoles and discussing how to care for them and of course our 5 stick insects.

The pictures of the Butterflies mark making are for our transition wall, to encourage the older children our butterflies to consider the fact that they are preparing for big school in September. Teachers will be visiting from 3 local schools over the next few weeks to meet the children who will be going to their school. Today Mrs Dry is visiting from Crossgates where 9 of our butterflies are going, she will meet the children, chat with them and look through their Learning Journeys with them.

It is important to talk to the children about going to big school in a positive way because this is a huge transition for the children at a very young age and they will display different responses to this change, at times they will appear excited and some children will appear anxious or worried because it is the unknown to them especially children who don’t have older siblings already in primary school. Our transition wall also has pictures the children have decorated of themselves in the school uniform colours of the school they will attend and picture taken of them outside their new schools. We will add pictures of the children looking through their Learning Journeys to the wall to help the children to accept this change in their lives.

Some children’s behaviour may change and they might ‘play up’ or ‘act out’ more than usual as we get nearer the end of term but if we keep talking about big school in a positive manner it will help them to view it as something good that is going to happen.

Summer Term part 1

We have had St Georges week where we talked about knights and dragons and mini beast week where the children looked for and found insects outside. This week has been numbers week where lots of our activities have been about promoting recognising numbers and sequencing them, counting forwards and backwards.
Next week is our colour week and the children will be making tie-dye t shirts with the aunties. The final week of this half term is around traditional tales e.g The gingerbread man and The three pigs etc

Autumn Half Term

Hi Everyone

This half term we have planned lots of exciting activities and are working hard on our understanding of the world, learning new words and thoughts. We have many themes and festivals along the way.

Autumn Walks, Halloween, Diwali, Remembrance to name a few.

Here are a few pictures of what we have been up to during our time this month.


Cycle Words- Nov-Dec

Hi Everyone,

These are the new cycle words for our learning areas!  We will be encouraging children’s speech and play ideas by using these age appropriate words during play. We discuss children’s use of these words and help move them through the cycle to increase their vocabulary. Hopefully you will find them useful and be able to use them during play and situations at home.

Cycle Words- Sep

We have introduced new cycle words for the different learning areas in the setting. We are working towards being Communication Friendly and a large part of this is Speech and Communication development.

Our cycle words are split into three different levels, this is to provide a rich variety of vocabulary at age appropriate stages. We will use these terms when playing with your child and work towards moving them through the levels and encourage them to use the words during play. Please use these words wherever you can and apply them to everyday situations, this really will benefit your child’s Speech and Communication.

We will be using focus words each week, when new activities are planned to encourage further development of vocabulary. Please keep checking this as these will be topic related and help you to understand what your child is learning about through play.


Sep-Oct 2018

Welcome back to all our children, new and old. We are excited to see you all and share your stories from the summer holidays. The Aunties have been working hard over the summer to provide a communication friendly setting and have taken the opportunity to provide a rich and stimulating environment that enables children to explore and investigate. We have also added some new learning areas to our setting to ensure that we maximising the opportunity to learn in all of the areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. We have aimed to have a varied range of toys and age appropriate selection that are easily accessible to all children.

Have a look around next time you’re in and let us know your thoughts! We really appreciate it 🙂

Here are just a few pictures of what we are doing this half term!  We will be updating the website with our cycle words and key/focus words of the week soon. We encourage you to share and use these in everyday play with your children to improve speech, language and communication development

Cycle words

Communication Friendly Setting-

We are keen on improving the way we interact with children and support their language development. We have introduced a few new ideas as part of the training for CFS and looking forward to sharing more with you.

We have a new parent friendly space (more to follow on this) and we have setup our Stay & Play, with great success (next one week comm 09.07.18)

We also work hard to provide stimulating vocabulary for the children at the setting, we have created “Cycle Words” for each of our learning areas. These help your child build on their vocabulary and gives them the ability to apply words in different situations and develop their communication.

Feel free to use these words at home to maximise their usage and please let us know how you are getting on.

Here are some examples of this half term. 



Learning Areas

Communication Friendly Setting-

We are working towards becoming Communication Friendly Setting and have been working hard  on making our environment better, by differentiating  for children age/stage of development and also providing children with a rich variety of resources to stimulate their play and their holistic development.

This is a selection of pictures, from this half term that shows the resources available to your child.